July 2018 Meeting Minutes

We are planning on posting our meeting minutes every month now, so read along for what your foundation is doing.


Lucien Dupont - President P
Lisa Wilken Principal (NV) P
Eric Wall - Vice President
Joey Elwell - Secretary    P    
Missy Lathram - Treasurer    P    
Annette Feldman - Director P    
Seth Camhi - Director P
Krisha Benevides - Director P            
Bridgette Padilla (NV)    P    
Jennifer Crumrine - PTA President P



Missy made a motion to approve the June minutes
Seth seconded
Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s report: Missy presenting
A little higher than last year. 46,120$ even after the innovation lab.
2 pajama jams: March & November.
Auction money
25$ from dentist office
    Angela Gavigan came to Bridgette – she thought it was for her.
    But it goes to the foundation not teachers.
Will there still be 21 classrooms?
    We approved 200$ / classroom.
    Should be the same.
    Should we ask for receipts?
    Or just give out the checks outright?
    Mini grant for publicizing.

Missy motion to approve checks:
Seth seconded
Unanimous approval.

Last year we gave money to Impact (200$) and Resource?
    Are we including them in the Board grant?
    YES, 2 additional classes ($400).

Missy motion to approve $200 for Impact & Resource classrooms.
Seth seconded
Unanimous approval.

Lucien: 44K in bank?
    We have 68K in bank, but subtracting out the innovation lab we get to that 44k.

Bank charges? Stamps and Deposit slips helped.
Also, we had a fee for double posting a deposit.
    Deposit corrections.

Principal’s Report: Lisa presenting
Staff comes back tomorrow.

PTA Update: Jennifer presenting
PTA planning kickoff tomorrow.
August 13th at Jennifer’s house is first PTA meeting
    Pool party at 5pm. Meeting at 6pm.
    Evite will contain info on what food to bring.
Need to organize back to school flyers.
School would like them by August 9th.
Stuffing is usually on Teacher Breakfast day. Monday August 20th.
New counselor is going to do a parent university series.
    2 days a week
    She’ll want that in the first day packet too.
Back to School Bash September 7th
Dad’s club ice cream social first Friday.
Do we need to recruit dads?
    Zach Psychs – general contractor
    Lucien to email Zach’s email to Seth.
    Seth to reach out to Zach.
    Do it Saturday morning so the poles dry before ESS on Monday.
    9AM on Saturday.
    Seth to txt Bridgette on Friday to let him in to get code and keys.

SOAR campaign: Missy presenting
Envelopes, same as last year, except the back.
Now we ask for interest in volunteering.
Do we want color on white paper?
Or black and white on blue paper?
Black and white on blue paper will stand out.
Replica printing in poway near Costco. They give the PTA a discount.
Lucien to verify the URL is EXACT for the new website.
Thermometers on every door. Colored in every couple of days.
Lucien being thoughtful and trying to make sure Missy doesn’t burn out. But she’s good.

New business:
Lisa: Anyone able to beautify/makeover the Teacher’s lounge?
Chairs and tables from Lisa.
Coca Cola is coming on August 1st.
They would like an arcade cabinet or ping pong table, air hockey.

Lucien: Lucien switched the website over to the new one last weekend.
    Same url.
    Lucien needs to update the instructional aides to 1 instead of 2.
Donation page has monthly paypal
or one time through Stripe.

5 new people. 3 new teachers. 1 new SSA. 1 5th grade teacher.
My On News – new software package. News for kids, interactive. Looking for funding.
Lisa picked to represent the district with 3 other principals.
    Dallas Texas

Innovation Lab
Lisa & Annette to meet and find a point person.
Library has been reconfigured to support the innovation lab.
Room cleaned out.
Costs a lot of money to re-wire, so we’re avoiding that.
Would like a fluid room.

Lucien Adjourned at 7:17 pm