October 22, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Location: Sunset Hills Elementary – Conference Room

Called to order at 6:02pm


Lucien Dupont - President P
Lisa Wilken Principal (NV) P
Eric Wall - Vice President P
Joey Elwell - Secretary P
Missy Lathram - Treasurer    P    
Annette Feldman - Director P    
Seth Camhi - Director
Krisha Benevides - Director P            
Bridgette Padilla (NV)    P    
Jennifer Crumrine - PTA President P

Attendees not on chart:

Guest: Dailean

Location: Sunset Hills Elementary – Conference Room

Called to order at 6:09pm

Attendees not on chart:

Guest: Marci Holden, Melinda Renken


Missy made a motion to approve the September minutes with correction.

Krisha seconded

Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s report: Missy presenting

Soar Campaign:

Raised just over 25k

20k less than last year.

Matching last year was 5 – 7k matching. This year about 4k.

Might trickle in and get us closer to 30k.

Teachers submitted grant forms.

4K went out to teachers.

Next month there will be upwards of 25 checks.

September 2018 Checks:

3$ bank charge

Missy motioned to approve bank fee

Joey Seconds

Unanimous approval


Percentage of SOAR participation? 137 students out of the 473. (29%) Last year was about (35%). Highest was maybe 37%

Lisa thinks our goal should be 50%

How can we do this differently? Canyon View raises a lot more money than we do with Red envelopes.

Is there a way to check if how many families vs per student?

Canyon View is 100$ / student

This year (first) several classrooms had 100% participation.

Contest prize included raffle tickets for bringing in red envelopes.

Tickets could be used for projects during recess/lunches.

Teachers did a flash mob.

Odessey parents could be pulled in.

Maybe Foundation brings in iPads that the kids can win.

Everyone gets a ticket for free, and you can get more for bringing in your envelope.

Question: parents or sponsors?

Canyon View got their money from parents.

Design 39 gets sponsors from community.

$500 - $600 – sponsors get their name on an assembly.

Parent volunteer needed to put the time and effort into getting sponsors and donations.

Innovation lab needs a volunteer that is passionate.

Maybe parents can be sponsors?

(Lisa) Are we allowed to do that? – Lisa to ask

Oak Valley middle school – their representative has a flyer with all the companies in their area that match and give. Everything done for employees of a given company that match.

No changes from last year.

Next year we will change up the SOAR campaign.

PTA Update: Jennifer presenting

Halloween carnival – thank you Krisha

Positive feedback from Jennifer.

Krisha got mixed feedback.

Less participation than normal.

Highland Ranch does theirs in the middle of the day.

Character Counts / Red Ribbon week currently

Tomorrow Ambassadors

Group picture with colors on Thursday

Lucien would like a copy of the photo

Lisa to send to Lucien

Adopt a Family Nov 9th.

Giving Tree for families within our own community.

PTA can not accept CASH – so it needs to go through the Foundation.

Has never been an issue.

Book Sale happening in a few weeks out front.

Thursday Lisa is getting silly stringed.

Missy bought silly string.

Principal’s Report: Lisa presenting

We’re moving into Parent Teacher conferences.

Great start to the year.

After school math club for 4th and 5th grade students.

Some money used on ELL kids (that has to go to disadvantages youth or ELL)

100 students have Lexia. Plus 65 licneses for Kinder.

NEU funding : Lisa presenting

No Excuses University system.

Broaden from College, to trade schools.

6 exceptional systems.

Tina (prior principal) brought it on. 5 principals in 6 years. NEU provided a focus.

Lisa is learning it.

It costs money. We only get so much from the community. And we are not Title 1. Donut school. We only get 12k from the district.

Karate guy gets us 2k/year – which goes to the donation fund.

District can take lottery funds and other funds.

NEU has an bi-annual conference with a team of 4. That costs 6k.

Superintendant paid for all 5 schools to go.

However every year there is a conference in San Diego. $495/person to take 5 people.

Lisa would like the Foundation to fund the $2500/year for the San Diego conference. Starting in the 2018/2019 school year budget.

School will pay for subs. $180/day * 4

$130/year to be a part of NEU.

Missy to add the NEU costs to the line items that we evaluate and rank in April.

Krisha’s 15 minutes: Lisa presenting

Joey made a motion to approve $1,320/year for the extra 1 hour impact

Missy seconded.


This is only for this year. Lisa will adjust the schedule so we don’t need that extra time.

Unanimous approval

Foundation/PTA membership: Annette presenting

Annette went to the Foundation summit.

Schools with a lot of members have a big presence on campus.

Someone on campus constantly talking about SOAR, Foundation and PTA.

Innovation lab – getting our vision together

We need a team.

Annette asking for money for an off campus event.

Presentation to showcase our efforts


PTA tshirts

Foundation tshirts

Terrific Thursday – PTA/Foundation with matching shirts.

PTA shows something off.

Some touts

Personal flyers to kinder/First grade that are personalized to get people to our event.

Comment : seems like a great idea. Untapped resource for parents that can’t do things during the week.

Question: Parents with younger kids. What do you do with your kids (childcare)?

Night before the Feb 1st program.

When if we couple it with the pajama jam?

No – that’s date night.

Question about off site vs on site presence.

Schools that were successful had off site events.

When Annette started Around the World night she was physically out there – a presence.

Extending personal invitations is powerful.

Might reach people that aren’t overworked.

Annette likely asking for 500$ - 700$ for food.

plus a gift card raffle.

Pitchers might work.

Westroot is owned by a Sunset Hills parent and they would be available.

Likely we will be fine giving that money.

Annette to do leg work and figure out money.

Lisa to talk to Jenna and Jim from Westroot.

PTA/Foundation meeting combo: Lisa presenting

1 meeting a month

Would be longer

Question on minutes.

Other people are “guests”

Foundation is about money, PTA is about time you have available.

Keep it as is.

Fall Pajama Jam : Lucien presenting

Lucien reached out to DJ ESS co-leader.

He doesn’t want to help because it didn’t go well last year.

Lucien would like to keep it simple.

Teachers can’t do 3 hours – they need a break.

Maybe a movie night?

Maybe kids play game, dinner and movies in the classrooms.

If the teacher wants to do a dance party dismissal they can do it in their rooms.

Checkout will be on a phone or runners.

Or parents sign out at the classroom.

Last year we did pizza, carrots, oranges.

Buy the popcorn from Costco – no popping.

Costs – 50$ for family or 35$ kid.

5:30-8:30pm. 9pm was too long for some kids.

Teacher feedback, cutoff signups before that day.

Answer is NO. We need the money for the fundraising.

New Intuit money– Lucien presenting

Kindergaerten want new iPads and headphones.

We gave them 200$ from grants and they used that for headphones.

They would like 15. (2 to 1 ratio)

Currently 65 kindergartners.

Announcement was made about cutting IA for kindergarten for next year.

$4485 ($299 each) for 15 iPads.

Joey mentioning numbers about down 20k, but no 15k expense for Innovation lab twice.

Everyone in the school has more modern needs.

Kelly has 8, Room 1& 2 have 14. All older minis.

Would be great to get them up to date on their tech.

Needs to bought through the district.

Missy to present a scope of our budget for next month.

Lucien Adjourned at 7:25 pm

September 24th Meeting Minutes


Lucien Dupont - President P
Lisa Wilken Principal (NV) P
Eric Wall - Vice President P
Joey Elwell - Secretary P
Missy Lathram - Treasurer    P    
Annette Feldman - Director P    
Seth Camhi - Director
Krisha Benevides - Director P            
Bridgette Padilla (NV)    P    
Jennifer Crumrine - PTA President P

Attendees not on chart:

Guest: Dailean



Treasurer’s report was missing a seconded.

Missy made a motion to approve the August minutes with correction.

Krisha seconded

Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s report: Missy presenting


11K raised so far.

Not as good as last year. About 1k outstanding.

How do we compare to last year at this time? 16K

44,200$ total raised last year. About 41k after expenses

Joey needs to get his donation in

October 1st, if we raise X amount of dollars we will silly string the principal

            Perhaps an opportunity drawing where a few kids get to do it.

August 2018 Checks:

6201 Kelly Pearl 76.40$ go daddy reimbursement

6202 Lucien charges for auction

6203 Lucien, parking signs for winners

6204 Missy – for SOAR flyers

70.66$ in paypal fees

3$ bank charge


Missy motioned to approve checks and bank fee

Joey Seconds

Unanimous approval


PTA Update: Jennifer presenting

-      PTA is running smoothly

-      Jennifer has been taking care of Lucien, so not as available as planned

-      Krisha has the Walk to School day covered

-      Halloween carnival after that

-      Then Red Ribbon week

-      Did Julie get the numbers for memberships?

o  Would be good to get those numbers to see if anyone gets 100%


Principal’s Report: Lisa presenting

-      Innovation/Steam lab

o  Going to take a few steps back to create vision of the space (for the district)

o  Talked to superintendent of technology to help lead us on solidifying the vision.

o  Might be delayed a bit.

o  Meeting coming up.

o  There is a chance the district would chip in. But too soon to say.

o  The school could take some of the space and stuff that is in there and redistribute to other schools.

§ Would need a fiduciary agreement to make it a gift so that they don’t take it.

-      Principal needs to ask for money for Bench

o  Benchmark curriculum is a sacred time in the morning

o  Historically impact has been in the morning

o  So right now impact comes in during Benchmark which is an important lesson. 

§ In the upper grades they can not be removed from language time without harm to the kid’s learning schedule.

o  Requires 1 hour more for one impact position (44$/hour)

§ 1,320$ / year more

-      200$ / teacher grants are due this Friday (non – school day)

-      Juliana asked to be on the board. (Paul’s wife)

-      Suzy Hartley is the new teacher rep.

o  Lisa forgot to invite


Fall Pajama Jam : Lucien to organize

-      Lucien hasn’t done anything.

-      Lucien to reach out to Annette

-      November 30th.

-      Put in Connect Ed – save the date

-      Cutting back on food, not feeding adults this time


Lucien Adjourned at 6:31 pm


Other business

-      Joey to fill out board grant and forward any info to Eric & Lucien

-      QA with Dailean

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